18 Weeks til Move Date

2015 has arrived and we are in full Scotland prep mode… Lots to do in the next 18 weeks and to be honest it all seems very surreal at the moment. It’s super exciting and altogether scary all at the same time. Mentally I’m trying to process this thought, “How on earth do I pack for the next 2 years of my life? What do I sell, what do I keep, how many bags do I pay for to take with me, will I have enough money to survive?” All these major thoughts are running through your brain and at the end of the day you know that if God is going to call you to this adventure, He is going to make a way where there is no way and see you through each step of the journey…

So first things first! It’s time to be consistent with these posts and yet not bore you to death or be too repetitive! That is the goal… We shall see how it goes!

Visa report:
So far the only ones with visas at this time are the Hayden kids who received their British passports in the mail this past week. We are all super excited for them and encouraged that they are now dual citizens. Now it’s on to the rest of the team’s visas and looks like we are in the process of trying to find a British immigration lawyer who can best guide us so that we don’t waste any time and we don’t fill any paperwork out incorrectly. Won’t get into this too much on this post but please be praying with us that this all gets sorted quickly so it’s one less thing we have to have on our plates.

Selling Belongings:
One of the major decisions I need to quickly make and then go full force with is whether to pay for a small storage unit or just sell absolutely everything that I can’t take with me. I don’t have a lot as is but I do have my camping gear, several hundred DVDs, a flat screen TV, old plaques and trophies from high school/college, 2 little desks from IKEA, and other small items… My gut is telling me to sell everything I don’t absolutely need so maybe just starting with that and seeing what’s leftover will be the best way to go…

Packing is tricky… So glad I have my mom to bounce ideas off of… She’s an expert packer and finds ways to get more into bags than I would ever dream possible so my trusty/faithful Patagonia bags will be making the trip and perhaps I can pick another one up between now and the time we leave. I posted a while back about how much I love my Patagonia bags so the key will be seeing how much I can stuff in them and still be able to carry them!

My Job Description in Edinburgh:
Our team has a variety of personalities and giftings which is quite beautiful because so far we are able to cover many bases even with our small number of staffing… Still trusting the Lord for a few more staff members to come along as we go but we are off to a great start. I will have a number of job duties — they will entail teaching regularly in the school (I finished teaching my first course last week and it went well so that’s super encouraging – if I can’t do it here, what makes me think I could teach there? Now that I know I can, there’s wonderful peace about teaching full time when the school starts and that’s a huge blessing), checking in on students/staff making sure everyone is doing well and we are all on the same page, updating CTW’s social media, working on the CTW website (www.confirmingtheword.org), sending home video/photos for updates/promotion, and working on ministry video projects. I look at this job description and I get totally excited… A lot of work but when your heart is fully in it and you know you were created for such a time as this, you visualize the fruit that will come from it and all it does is bring joy to your heart.

Camera Gear:
I’ve slowly been acquiring camera gear for our adventures to come – due to the expense of photography/videography it’s one of those things where you just pick up an item every so often as you continue to save for the gear… The latest item I picked up being a “stabilizer” for clean smooth moving shots… Had it shipped in from a small film company in India run by an Indian film maker who due to the expense of the highest quality film accessories decided to make them himself with his friends… Super excited about it but it will take a bit of time and practice to get it dialed in — and I need to start lifting weights again as stabilizers are not the lightest of accessories… The next 18 weeks will be filled with practice and tweaking…

Where to Find Updates:
This blog will be one of several ways you’ll be able to read the most recent updates on how things are progressing and where we are at with everything… The other places will be Facebook/Twitter and then for anyone who wants a more detailed email update, I’ll be sending out an update email regularly via MailChimp. The MailChimp email will be more intimate and have info that you may or may not find on the blog or Facebook. You can sign up for that email on sidebar of this page to the right that says “MAILCHIMP SIGNUP”.

Thanks for all of your prayers and encouragement… It’s certainly bittersweet in that I’m already thinking to myself “man, I’m gonna miss drinking coffee and having chats with my mom…” “Gonna miss my little family at work…” “Gonna miss the Rocky Mountains and their beauty…” But the adventure awaits and the God that’s called us to it is so very faithful… It will all come together.

Until next time…

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