A Compass and the Way Home

I still remember the day I left my first grade class in the middle of the school year to leave for a move to Kingston, Jamaica with my family. I remember hugging my absolute favorite teacher in the world goodbye and saying so long to all my friends — never once being sad about it or looking back. Just knowing that I was leaving with my family and all would be well.

When you’re a child, you have this complete natural trust in your parents. That they’re going to take care of you… Provide for your every need… Be your friend even if you don’t have one other friend on the planet. As long as you were together doing whatever it was as a family, you’d never be bored and you’d always be on a memorable adventure. There are many days I wish for that security and that carefree life… Where all you have to do is go wrap your arms around your mom and she’d hold you til everything just felt better!

This whole process of preparing for Scotland has made me and I’m sure others on the team quite sentimental… I look at the Flatirons above Boulder and I think about my love for Boulder. I have loved our mountains and this city for so long. In college, I used to find live camera feeds of Pearl St just so I could see the Pearl St Mall and dream about when I’d be back to walk the streets, eat Pasta Jay’s, and be back with my family. I’ve always been happy here… And yet as Scotland draws closer, I feel so good about going… But there will always be this part of my heart that thinks, “what about my parents? What about my family at work and church? What about Boulder?”

Had lunch with a buddy this week and he says, “hav, I have a gift for you. Just a little gift for your move to Scotland.” He pulls out this compass and says, “I’ve marked on the side of the compass – all you have to do is point it north and wherever this mark is on the side, that’s the way home.” I nearly cried. I’m so blessed with the family and friends I have here. Leaving is not going to be easy. And there are going to be days where all I’m really going to want is just a hug from my mom that says, “Everything’s going to be ok, hav!”

“To know the will of God, we need an open Bible and an open map.”
— William Carey

An open Bible and an open map… Every time I read that quote I smile… It gives me the extra dose of courage I need to take the step of faith and make the plunge… And the whole time I can hear my mom’s voice, “Everything’s going to be ok, hav!”

I’m always going to remember which way is home…

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