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In 1987, our parents took a new missions job and moved our family from the great Rocky Mountains of Colorado to the beautiful island city of Kingston, Jamaica. When you are 9 and 7 year old little girls, you haven’t the first clue of what living overseas will be like but from the island to the people to the food, we loved every minute of our time there. Little did we know then where we would go in the years to come and how much traveling/missions would become a part of our hearts. We have traveled quite a bit together – never turning down an opportunity to be travel companions, and we have also traveled quite a bit on our own – never losing our love for each other or the excitement of waiting at the airport for the other’s arrival.

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We have traveled more than some and less than others… But these are our stories of the places we’ve been, pictures of the things we’ve seen, tips on what one might expect on their trip to some of these fabulous nations of the world… Tips on what to expect when traveling in general… We always keep our passports current because when you have a passport, you must travel.


Travel, travel, travel… I love seeing new places, experiencing new cultures, and meeting new people. I don’t particularly care for the 12+ hours of flights, airports, and luggage but I do love arriving in a new country and taking in the new sights and smells. I’m not afraid of trying new foods, attempting to communicate in a foreign language, or even using different styles of toilets. ;) I’m just happy to expand my worldview. Prior to meeting my husband, I traveled as much as a single girl on a small budget could; I was blessed to be able to partake in varying types of mission trips, which were great experiences. In my late 20’s I met an Englishman who became my husband, and after our wedding, I spent a year and a half living in England. We then moved back to my home state of Colorado and are facing the challenges of traveling with small kids on an even tighter budget. :) We’re always ready, always longing to love on the hearts of those who don’t have or know what we have, and hoping to someday get more long-term living abroad experiences. Hope you enjoy our stories and pictures! (Follow Micah at www.micahsheart.com)



I love traveling… I love different cultures, languages, skin tones, foods, and landscapes… I love how you can leave your home at 3 o’clock in the morning and arrive at your destination 52 hours later extremely exhausted yet so very blessed to be welcomed into a perfect stranger’s home like you’re long lost family… There’s always something new and exciting at each destination – a new sight to see, a new friend to make, a new dish to sample… I love seeing God’s creation and His heart for mankind – it’s the same heart no matter which country you’re in… Whether it’s traveling for vacation or going on a mission trip, your life is never the same when you return home – each place becomes a part of you… In recent years, I’ve realized how much I enjoy bringing home quality photos/videos of the people/places we’ve seen – they are memories you don’t soon forget, but what a great treasure to bring home to others…  I love my home in Colorado but there sure is something special about adding stamps to my passport…
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Both the Hayden family and Haven have been asked to help start a Bible training center in Edinburgh, Scotland. Along with being the Director of the school, Micah will be teaching and overseeing the day to day operations of the school. Haven will also be teaching full time and heading up the media department.  This site will hopefully have even more opportunities for new and updated blog posts as mainland Europe and Scandinavia will be easier to access. New and exciting things ahead – thanks for coming along with us!