Arthur’s Seat & Edinburgh Castle

Fireworks White Pink 72

Last night my buddy, Jonny, and I hot-footed it halfway up Arthur’s Seat to see what kind of sunset we could capture. The view was breathtaking as expected. We met a Scottish guy called, “Dougie,” while we were sitting there taking in the beauty. He was not bothered one ounce by me just sitting down next to him near the edge of the cliff and asking him how his evening was going. Apparently there’s a wee group of photographers that meet fairly regularly to capture sunsets and different sights. We did ask if he was on Facebook but he said it wasn’t for him. He did tell us where they often meet and sounded like we were welcome to join. Anyway, photography and meeting people – yet again. Love it! :)

We rarely purchase all day bus tickets because you have to have more than one location you want to go to to make the ticket pay for itself but we both happened to have one because of a staff meeting earlier in the morning so we set off for the next location. We’ve been wanting to get photos of the fireworks that have been going off above Edinburgh Castle every night at 10:40pm since the first of August for the Royal Edinburgh Tattoo (we are actually getting to go to the Tattoo ourselves next Wednesday which is just a huge wonderful blessing – can’t wait!). As we made our way to the castle we happened upon a street performer (she’s here for the Fringe Festival) so we were able to capture a couple lovely light painting shots of her as she twirled her “flaming hoop.”

The fireworks show turned out fantastic and as it was my first time shooting fireworks, really pleased with how they turned out. Hoping they allow cameras into the Royal Edinburgh Tattoo next week as I would love to bring you all some images so check back here by Thursday and there might just be some!