Brainard Lake Recreation Area

Timelapse 30p

If you live in Colorado and you haven’t been to the Brainard Lake Recreation Area above Ward, you are missing out. My 6 year old nephew, my mom, and I have been frequenting this beautiful location for the last couple of weeks and we have seen some amazing things – from moose, to woodpeckers, to rescue helicopters, etc…

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you probably have already figured out that I love amazing places but not as much as I love visiting amazing places with the people I love most in the world. The people you experience life with are what make locations memorable. I love watching my nephew tear through the downhill slope of the trail, hollering out some war cry as he goes… I love hearing my mom’s voice on the trail and knowing that she’s enjoying it all just as much as I am.


The video below is a quick timelapse at the creek that flows out of Long Lake. My mom and nephew played in the creek for the 40 min or so it took to capture this.

So yeah, go see this gem of a spot and take people you love with you. :)


GH4 Timelapse – Brainard Lake Recreation Area from on Vimeo.

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