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  • Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

    King of Norway Trumpeters

    It’s very rare that you get to experience an event that just makes you feel like you are really witnessing a wonderful piece of history. Something that feels a bit fairytale-like and for lack of a better term, “magical.” Many people say that the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo (www.edintattoo.co.uk) is on their “bucket list” and […]

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  • Two Weeks to Departure

    Chicken Coop

    We leave two weeks from today for our official move to Scotland. To say that I’m full of all sorts of emotions would be an understatement. Yes, I am excited, a wee bit overwhelmed, a tad bit sad to be leaving friends/family but for the most part, I’m super ready for a good change. It’s […]

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  • Travel Light


    “He who would travel happily must travel light.” — Antoine de Saint-Exupery For a while now I’ve been wanting to write about travel bags and the importance/necessity of a good bag that can hold what you need without weighing you down… I’m a firm believer in packing light — the less you have to carry […]