Colorado to Tahoe

Wow… Can you say busy?? Lots on the mind and lots of hugs to give out… Leaving for Tahoe tomorrow morning and I don’t really have a grasp on all of my emotions. Part of me is thrilled, ready, and super excited… And then part of me doesn’t want to leave my family even for one day… Telling them “See you soon!” has never been easy for me regardless of the length of time away… Hugging my mom, Edie, and all the boys… Oy… Big sigh. But then I’m reminded that it’s only for 6 weeks — those 6 weeks will fly by and then I’ll be thinking, “Wow, that was quick! Wish I had longer.” :) I think the anticipation of leaving is always the worst part because once you hug and kiss everyone and get on the road, the exciting adventure begins and all is well…

I have to admit, I cannot wait to see what God has for me and my fellow classmates… I’m excited to meet the staff, form relationships, and just see how we all flow together. I’m excited to have praise and worship every morning at 9am for 6 straight weeks. I’m excited to sit under some lovely people as they poor out the wisdom God’s given them upon each of us. I’m excited to be able to just stop and spend time with the Lord without distractions and the busyness of life. And I’m doubly excited to be able to do all of this in the mountains of California. California was the beginning of some great things in my sister’s life a few years back and I’m hoping that it holds some great beginnings for me as well.

So, Micah is doing the thousand mile road trip with me… Believe it or not, it’s the first road trip we’ve ever taken just the two of us. My truck has had a full inspection and is good to go, we have a large bag of coconut M&Ms (sister’s request), plenty of water, and will snag some coffee shortly into the trip… We are doing the entire 15 1/2 hour drive to Reno in one day so it might be a little bit of a beast but we plan to do a little GoPro filming and audio book listening to pass the time. Oh, and plenty of music to listen to as well. Can’t say that I’m expecting much beauty from the landscape once we leave Colorado (hoping I’m wrong about that?!) but the day after we arrive we will drive the hour south to South Lake Tahoe and explore the beauty of the lake, the mountains surrounding, and the history of the town… We will drive back to Reno that night and spend one more night there and then Micah will fly back to Denver the next morning… It will be bittersweet but I can’t thank her enough for being willing to leave her family to help get me to Tahoe.

From a travel perspective, this is what every traveler looks forward to. A trip lasting longer than 2 weeks with plenty of exciting places along the way to explore — new sights to see, people to meet, and just enjoying the adventure in and of itself. Everyone I’ve talked to who’s been to Tahoe says it’s absolutely wonderful and the beauty is amazing. Looking forward to taking some great photos and possibly even some video of swimming or paddle boarding in the lake.

The last week or so has been filled with finishing one last support video for one of our Scotland team members (oh yeah, need to update you all on Scotland as well! That’ll have to wait for another day!), packing, spending time with family, and preparing to enjoy sleeping at night for 6 straight weeks — it’s been close to 6 years since that’s happened for me last so that’s beyond exciting — back flip time! ;)

Thanks for all your prayers! Keep you posted as we go…


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