Dalkeith Country Park


I truly believe there are hidden treasures everywhere and we just need to keep our eyes open and be expectant for them…

Micah takes my niece and nephews to a home school group that regularly meets and goes on adventures together. Had no idea that this past week I’d be able to join in a bit with them and explore the Dalkeith Country Park.

Dalkeith city centre in and of itself isn’t something to write home about but Micah keeps saying what treasures they are finding in this little town just south of Edinburgh. She was totally right as I was amazed by the beauty and the amount of open space. You feel like you step back into a simpler time and you get swept away by your imagination of what it would have been like to live here centuries ago.

This place made me realize how blessed my niece and nephews are to be able to spend their childhood in a such a beautiful and outdoorsy land. If not Colorado, why not Scotland? What a gift and I hope that one day they realize how wonderfully blessed they are to be raised by parents who love them and allow them to explore new lands.