Dream Lake – RMNP


Rocky Mountain National Park is a place I have loved since I was a little girl. I dreamed of camping/hiking constantly… Too bad I was born into a family that wasn’t real keen on the camping bit but thank the Lord, definitely enjoy the hiking (wasn’t until the last few years that my mom actually became a wonderful camper so now she and I aim to do it at least once a summer – though this summer whipped by and we failed to do so). Its beauty is some of the best around and it’s only an hour car ride to the park. Being so close and offering so much, why would anyone not go?

My mom, our good friend – Jonny, and I went on an evening hike up to Dream Lake this past Saturday… The trail up to to the lake is one of the most populated trails in the park but RMNP had their first snow this past week so we were hoping it wouldn’t be too busy. We arrived at the trailhead parking lot around 3:30pm but we didn’t know if there would actually be some snow/ice on the trail. We set off anyway and I’m so glad we did.

We made it up to the top in a flash (the hike is a breeze) and got set up for a little late afternoon time-lapse. The only time we got a wee bit cold was the hour and a half we waited on the camera to do it’s thing but what a wonderful time of laughing and chatting in the meantime. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, experience beautiful places with the people you love and enjoy – it just makes the whole experience that much better.

The hike back down was a little slower. The temperature dropped when the sun went down and it was definitely in the 30 degree range (the puddles we stepped through and over on the way up were icing over on the way down). Our headlamps and slower pace allowed for some hilarious slipping and more wonderful conversation. This very well could have been my last Colorado hike before the move to Scotland. How thankful I am for friends/family who enjoy the great outdoors and have adventurous spirits.

Rocky Mountain National Park – always a pleasure… See you soon old friend…


Ps… “Don’t feed the wildlife.” I do not condone feeding wildlife – just grateful Jonny only shared his “All Natural Almonds.”

I forgot my tripod but thank the Lord I have a mini one that I always carry in my bag. Total lifesaver for this trip. Pretty sure I wouldn’t have been able to frame a time-lapse shot without it. So fun to set the camera up and then let it do it’s thing. Thankful for a beautiful day!

Dream Lake Evening Time-Lapse from PassportMustTravel.com on Vimeo.

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