Edinburgh by Night (A post about following your dreams)

Regular Ferris Wheel 72

We all know the saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Heard it over and over our whole lives, right? What if that saying isn’t actually supposed to relate to us as human beings? What if that’s actually a lie holding us back from exploring the God given gifts He has created us with? Perhaps we are really supposed to be continually learning and growing our entire lives? Would change things, wouldn’t it?

People love the idea of being “professionals” in certain fields (some even believe they are professionals on every topic that was ever created, and we actually try to avoid those people, right? Ha!) – we love the idea of knowing all there is to know about a topic, idea, or belief. And yet no one really knows EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING. That’s the truth and reality of it. We are ALL learning and growing and walking a road called life – a road called photography… A road called writing… A road called art… A road called mathematics… A road called discovery… I think you get my point.

We try for what we hope will be the comfort of arrival and yet we won’t actually ever fully get there. We are so focused on the end that we forget that there is a beautiful process of learning as we go that is as precious and necessary as the final destination. My sister (the other half of this website) teaches me about this faithfully as I watch her in her daily life. She’s focused on the process and the progress and knows that that’s what it’s really about.

I am fairly new to photography/videography – have only really started to explore it with seriousness in the last couple of years. A former athlete who let most of her 20’s pass her by because of fear of trying a new hobby finally decided to just go for it in her early 30’s. Now at 36, I have a wonderful passion for something that I really really enjoy. Thanks in part to amazing family and friends who have regularly encouraged me to stop being afraid in life. To realize that we are created for so much more than the small percentage we feel safe doing.

But you “can’t teach an old dog new tricks!” I think you can, actually. I think what’s needed is the courage to try something new. No one starts out a pro at anything – there is always a learning curve – but try it! Whatever is in your heart to pursue – pursue it! Give it a go… See what happens. Choose to live a life with no regret when it comes to the things God created you for. Time for the sidelines is over… It’s time to get in the game.

So with that said, night street photography is a new one for me. My buddy from the States and I set out to photograph some fireworks. Turns out I had the wrong lens so we decided to look for other locations and “subjects.” Edinburgh never lacks in action and beauty so we quickly found 3 locations and set up the camera. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I meet so many people when I have my camera out. People feel so comfortable and free to speak with you when you’re taking photos/video. There’s something to that and I’m going to keep that in my heart because maybe that’s a God thing that needs to be explored? Anyway, these are 4 of the best shots from Saturday night. One of the ferris wheel shots is my first attempt at HDR photography and the lights in the other shots are merely long exposures.

Remember… “Time for the sidelines is over… It’s time to get in the game.”

-Haven :)