Edinburgh & Outlander

Scott Monument Via Close

Decided to a take a little time this week to venture into the city and walk streets I’ve never been down. I went up to Edinburgh Castle and walked along the Royal Mile… Went through some “closes” and cut through cemeteries and just had a really wonderful time seeing what’s in this beautiful city of our’s.

I take my camera with me as I just never know what I’ll see and I love how having a camera out appears to open doors to speak with people. I made two new friends while I was out. An older Scottish lady with the most beautiful eyes and a young girl from Finland who moved here during her gap year and has decided to stay as long as she can as she just loves Edinburgh. She spoke English beautifully and said, “After 9 years of taking it in school, I would hope it’s fairly good.” :) Really enjoyed my few hours with her as we waited outside the set of the TV show, “Outlander.” ((**Disclaimer – I’m not promoting “Outlander” in this post, if you watch it please guard your heart as there are things that I can’t promote in it but the series is beautifully filmed and very well done**.))

When I was 2 my mom said that she heard voices in the house and couldn’t figure out where they were coming from until she went into the TV room and found her youngest child happily watching TV by herself. I’ve loved television and movies since I can remember so of course, hearing that there was filming for “Outlander” happening in the city this week, I’ve had my ears to the ground to find out the locations and when they’d be there. Happened to be in the right place at the right time today and captured a few shots. I got asked if I was “paparazzi” or just a tourist today for the first time. Made me chuckle. It was nice saying, “Neither, I live here.” :)

Anyway, this is just a fun post of some special shots from my walks this week. Enjoy!