Festival Fireworks Finale

Red Fountains

The world renowned festival that is the “Fringe,” has officially come to an end. In celebration of a wonderful month of music, acting, and performances of all sorts, the city allowed for their noise ordinance laws to be violated for the “Virgin Money Fireworks Concert.” An orchestra plays in the middle of Princes St. Gardens and people can purchase tickets to sit in an amphitheatre with the musicians, stand on Princes St. where they can hear the music still for a smaller fee, or as I did, you can hike up to Calton Hill and sit (or stand in my case) on the side of the hill and watch the show for free (which I chose) with well over a thousand other people (getting off the hill was crazy!! If you don’t like crowds, it’s not for you!).

There are several things I love about Edinburgh… One of them is the way they love their fireworks. I have no idea how many fireworks were shot off in the month of August alone but they were nightly! Massive wonderful firework displays… Makes me excited for the month of December and New Years. Can only imagine how the city will celebrate for the holidays when they celebrate wonderfully for things like the Festival. Just not looking forward to the colder temps at that point in the year! Last night was cold enough even though it made it into the 70’s earlier in the day!

Adios to the Fringe Festival! See you next year and here’s to the city being cut in half in numbers for the rest of the year! :)