Guadalajara, Mexico


Mexico… Not really on my bucket list of places to return to believe it or not! We went on a family trip to Puerto Vallarta in 2004 and I just didn’t have a good experience with Mexico then.  So, when my folks invited me to go on their business/mission trip to Guadalajara, I was a bit hesitant.

 If they hadn’t been going to spend time with family friends/missionaries there, I probably would have said, “no thanks.”  But I decided to go and I was so pleased to have said yes once I got there.  Guadalajara is super unique and actually quite beautiful.  I will keep it short on this post and let the photos speak for themselves but I’m so thankful I was able to go on this trip with my folks.  What a gift to be able to travel with them and experience new places.  A wonderful trip with wonderful people.  So yeah, definitely explore… And definitely give countries a second chance.  They might just surprise you? :)


PS… The blog got a bit of a facelift recently – it has a much more modern look and we are liking it quite a bit.  Still needs some tweaks but happy with the look.

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