In the Waiting

I feel like a good portion of my life I’ve lived “in the waiting.”  Hebrews 11 – “Through faith and patience…” — feel like I’ve said that line a million times in different areas of my life the last 35 years.  But to be honest, sometimes the faith and patience – living in the land of the waiting – is the hardest part of the entire journey.

We are quickly approaching June and our goal has been to set out to Scotland sometime during the first part of the month and yet here we sit… A little over 3 months out, still without visas, still without the money we need, still without a place to sleep the first night we finally arrive… Still without all the things that in the natural say, “You’re ready!  Time to go!”

How does one plan for something that isn’t guaranteed in the way we are used to?

The thoughts come to you, “Well, it was a wonderful idea… It was just too big. Staying here and continuing won’t be that bad…” And then your heart screams out, “No!!! There is so much more! And even though this is scary as all get out, it feels so right! There are people and places waiting for you. Part of your destiny is waiting for you. Now is the time! Don’t give up! God is faithful and He’s called you to this so He will see it through!”

I’ve never really thought about all the emotions and situations my missionary friends around the world have gone through in preparation for their lives abroad. I never realized how courageous, daring, and persevering they all are. I admire them… Each one of them. Their personal journeys were probably different but yet very much the same. It gives you such a heart for them… A heart to see them succeed and live out every last dream God’s put on their hearts. Going through the beginning stages of what they’ve already been through makes you have a new love and appreciation for them. They are some of my new heroes. They’ve sold everything, kissed their families at the airport, and ventured off into the unknown for two reasons – their love for God and their love for people. The two best reasons imaginable.

So here we sit… Enjoying the waiting game… Maybe not so much enjoying but persevering it. I don’t know exactly how God is going to tie up all these loose ends. I don’t know how He is going to get us there and keep us there… But I do know that He is our Provider and He’s asked us to trust Him and step out on the water with Him. If it was easy, it wouldn’t be great… And if we could do it on our own, it probably wouldn’t be Him… So above everything else we choose to look through the forest and focus on the blue sky… To see Him in the midst of everything and know He’s the owner of cattle on a thousand hills… He’s not discouraged, intimidated, or overwhelmed by our circumstances… He’s just asking us to keep our eyes on Him and trust Him to do the work…

He’s always been our faithful Father and He always will be… So Scotland, we will be seeing you soon…


Micah spoke with a lovely British immigration lawyer on friday. She gave us her advice and direction and said she’d be happy to see it all through for us for a mere $95,000. Yes folks, close to $100,000 in fees. Not happening. So now we are solely relying on the Holy Spirit to be our help filling out all the proper paperwork, being our favor with that paperwork when it’s sent in, and for the finances to see it all through. If they are only accepting 1 out of every 3 ministries looking for approval/certification, we will be the 1 in Jesus’ Name. So that’s that. :)

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