New Lands, New Adventures, New Camera.


We leave for Tbilisi in exactly 33 days… It’s exciting… A bit overwhelming (though in the best possible way!) and really feels like we’re about to step out into the unknown. Georgia sits on the east side of the Black Sea… The country on the north border is Russia and on the south it borders with Turkey to the west, Armenia in the middle, and Azerbaijan to the southeast… Underneath those three countries you have Iran and Iraq… :) It’s an area of the world that we have not yet been to… Russia yes, but south of there and close to the middle east, no.

We’ve heard nothing but good things about the people there so we are SUPER excited… One of the greatest things about going to foreign countries with the Gospel is that the love of Jesus breaks every barrier – whether it’s language or walls around hearts – the love of Jesus tears down walls and breaks every barrier… It’s irresistible. So you go readied with smiles and hugs… With words that bring healing, comfort, and encouragement… You simply take Jesus with you since you are His hands and feet…

From what we gather, we will be traveling all over the country… Since it’s not a large country, it will be quick and easy to get around – should be able to visit much of it. Honestly, absolutely new adventures of which we have no idea exactly what God has planned… The only thing we know is that God is good… That He loves the Georgian people and He loves us so it’s going to be amazing.

All of the photos featured on are taken from our cameras… From a Canon Rebel 2000 to a Canon PowerShot S3 and now to a Nikon D7000. All of our photos are our own though that’s not the case with all the videos we post… Hopefully that will change over time but good quality videos are more complex – they require more people, more time, and at certain times, more cameras and we are not there yet… So for now, some videos we post will be from us and others from wonderful creative travelers we have found on the web. The videos are taken with a our Canon Vixia HF200, Nikon D7000, Panasonic Lumix GH4, and of course, our Iphones – they are just too handy not to use!

Here are a few pictures from the last few weeks taken with the new Nikon D7000.



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