North Berwick & the Abbotsford House


We’ve been in Scotland now for 7 months… Time is flying and yet there are still days where the comforts of home sound really appealing. :) Thankfully our parents made another trip our way for Thanksgiving and also to do some work while they were here.

Micah has become really efficient at driving in the countryside in the last few months. She does it with ease on the outside though she says she feels pretty stressed on the inside. The time will come when it’s a breeze as practice makes perfect so they say… Or at least a little less stressful. :) She and Mark drove our team out to a couple beautiful places on Monday so that we could have time together as a staff while our parents are here. Little did we know what beauty we would find in a new place in the Scottish countryside. The Abbotsford House is the old home of the writer and poet, “Sir Walter Scott.” We learned quite a bit about the man and enjoyed one of the loves of his heart, his house and property. If you are ever in Scotland, this place is a must see. We ended up being there on a family day 3 days before they close for the season and we received free entry and free ice cream which was a fantastic blessing!

We drove a little ways down the road to a beautiful abbey as well. This was one you had to pay for so we just observed outside the fence but wow, pretty magnificent. You are continually amazed by the beauty and history of Scotland and it’s people. So many churches from the days of old and yet you realize there has been religion without relationship for generations – if the relationship part had been there, the churches would still be full and not empty ruins. One day they will be full again with people full of healthy relationships with each other and with God.

On a family note… It was so nice to have our parents with us for the last two weeks. They are a huge part of our hearts and when they are not here, things never feel perfectly right. But how lovely to have had the opportunity to see these places with them, especially to North Berwick where we got to watch the sun set from the eastern coast. To have everyone together for that moment was really was a gift from the Lord. So thankful for family and for travel. Such great ways to make memories.