Northern Ireland (Part 2 – Crom Castle & Mussenden Temple)


We saw amazing places in Northern Ireland but one of the favs for all of us was “Crom Castle.” Apparently the current owner still resides in the castle and throws parties in the West Wing and it’s still a bit of a to do which I find fascinating. The grounds are gorgeous and the fact that the owners let people walk them and explore fairly close to the actual castle is quite amazing. We all agreed, we’re not sure we would allow people to come and go if it was our property! But perhaps the family needs the money from the government to keep the castle up and running? We’re not sure but we were so thankful to be able to explore yet another beautiful part of N.I. on foot for free. We made it to the castle just before sunset and wow, the sunset did not disappoint. Couldn’t have been more thrilled with how the day ended there.

“Mussenden Temple” is an interesting little dome on the side of a cliff overlooking the ocean. Don’t really know too much about it but Jonny found it and did a little research so we found it again right before sunset. Another perfect ending to a gorgeous day.

I was hoping to get all the photos/locations into two blogs but alas, not going to happen. There will be a blog #3 finishing up with “Donluce Castle” and some lakes and such near “Enniskillen” which is on the southwest part of N.I.

Hope you enjoy… What a gift to have seen these sights.