Northern Ireland (Part 3 – Dunluce Castle and The Mourne Mountains)


We were super blessed to be able to stay the week in Portrush as it just seemed to be so close to so many beautiful places. Dunluce Castle was probably a 10 minute drive from the house where we stayed at and we arrived there on Sunday morning before the castle opened. Not a soul around, free to see from outside the walls and so gorgeous set next to the ocean on a cliff. Dreamy, really. Definitely one of the better castles we saw as some signs would say “Castle Such and Such” and then there would be like a partial wall. We all laughed and scratched our heads and Arlene thought maybe they were just trying to harass tourists? Not sure but it was still funny. :)

“The Mourne Mountains” – a ton can be said of this amazing place. We set out for them on our last full day in Northern Ireland. We really just wanted some authentic raw beauty and this place did not disappoint. It’s home to N.I.’s 3rd highest peak and of course, we had to trek up to see the views. When you venture off of the trails there, you start to get into some sticky situations (bogs are not a joke here!). We got a little turned around and started up the descent trail by accident. I was the only one dressed for a mountain trek who ended up with mud from top to bottom. Thank the Lord! But a great time was had and the views from the top were amazing. One thing I hadn’t planned for was the wind when we finally summited. The peak was very close to the ocean so you can imagine the types of wind we were facing up there. At one point, it literally threw me to the ground. It was scary and exciting all at the same time. Very much reminded me of our Colorado mountains so it just felt like home which is always a good feeling.

So this will be the final Northern Ireland blog… A wonderful trip with wonderful friends to a wonderful place. Would go again in a heartbeat. :) Really makes me want to see what the Republic of Ireland looks like… Another trip for another day.