Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

King of Norway Trumpeters

It’s very rare that you get to experience an event that just makes you feel like you are really witnessing a wonderful piece of history. Something that feels a bit fairytale-like and for lack of a better term, “magical.” Many people say that the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo ( is on their “bucket list” and I can seriously understand why that is.

From the minute you walk into the stadium which sets in the “front yard” of the Edinburgh Castle, you know you’re getting ready to experience something wonderful. The uniforms, music, dances, singing, fireworks… It’s all beautiful and for 90 minutes, you feel like you’re in a dream. :) Armed forces bands from all over the world were represented with their own unique flare and then come together at the end to stand shoulder to shoulder.

If you ever make your way to Edinburgh in August of any upcoming year, buy tickets to this amazing show. We got the cheapest tickets in the house and I still felt like I had a great view and was able to get some nice photos. You won’t regret your time at the Tattoo. A memory for a lifetime.