The Sun Sets in the West

I am very much a mountain girl.  The mountains are where I feel most at peace and alive and just really at home.  Part of that comes from 10 years of living in them and part of that comes from just being a native Coloradan… So living in a city of 500,000 people can feel a bit claustrophobic at times.  The Royal Mile, Princes St., and city centre as a whole are absolutely breathtaking but the amount of tourist during the summer is like something I’ve never seen.  Thank the Lord for places like “Calton Hill” where you can walk literally 10 minutes from Princes St to the top of a beautiful hill that overlooks city centre.  The views are amazing and I love to get up there during my free time and take it all in.  Last night was especially beautiful!  Sunsets here, where you can actually see the sun when it sets, are few and far between and to be honest, last night was the first time I stayed out to fully witness a nice one in it’s beauty.  I find that you tend to feel God’s presence and appreciate His handiwork so much more when you actually take time to view it.  He is indeed quite the amazing Artist.  I can’t wait to see more of Scotland but that will have to come down the road… For now enjoy the quick time-lapse and be sure to take time to watch the sunset wherever you find yourself.  They really are God’s gifts to us.