The Travel Bug


So… I’m getting antsy to take another trip… I don’t like time periods where I’m not in planning mode for some new or returning place to visit. Honestly, one of the things I love the most about traveling is all the planning it takes beforehand. A lot of people despise the planning and in turn, never go anywhere… I, on the other hand, totally get into it!! I love researching towns, looking for places to eat, things to do, buying travel books, looking at, etc. I like to see what I’m getting myself into!

My sister can read about a place and picture it in her head and know if she’s going to like it… I’m not like that… I need to see an amazing photo of a restaurant, beach, city centre, or hotel… If it looks good, it probably is good… The travel books I recommend the most are from “Insight Guide.” They have amazing photos that really give you a good sense of what the city or town or countryside is like… Take some of their written travel advice with a grain of salt as I’ve found that after talking with locals, a good bit of their advice is simply untrue — feel free to whistle while indoors in Russia — it’s not forbidden! :)

We’re currently in the planning stages of a potential trip at the end of July to Tbilisi, Georgia… I don’t know much about the country of Georgia other than what I remember in the news a few years back… Russia had tanks at the border and actually might have entered the country trying to claim them once again as a nation under their sovereignty… I remember quite a bit of fighting was reported but I need to dig deeper and research more of the country’s history – both as a state under the USSR and also as the free nation they currently are…

It’s strange to think about how early we are in the planning stages of this trip — we’re going to have to purchase tickets in the next few weeks (possibly days!) and I still don’t even know exactly which parts of the country we will visit except for the capital of Tbilisi — and that’s if everything is still a go for the trip as a whole as we get a little further into it… But I’m still excited at the possibility of going!! The travel team for this group as far as we know at the moment will be my dad and myself… It will be a mission trip from our church so we may have some folks who would like to join us but at least I know my for sure travel buddy – he and I have traveled quite a bit together and make a great team on the road… Micah will not be heading out on this trip as she has a little baby girl she will be delivering about 4-5 days after we return home… It’s been exactly 10 years since she and I went on a trip that was just the two of us but I look forward to going on a missions trip with her and her entire family of 5 one day…

I’ll update with how the trip is looking in the days and weeks to come… My passport is good until 2022 so all is in order and I’m ready to go!


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