Two Weeks to Departure

We leave two weeks from today for our official move to Scotland. To say that I’m full of all sorts of emotions would be an understatement. Yes, I am excited, a wee bit overwhelmed, a tad bit sad to be leaving friends/family but for the most part, I’m super ready for a good change. It’s hard to not get sentimental about things though… I was walking through the Natural Grocer this morning thinking, “Boy, I sure am going to miss this natural/earthy grocery store smell.” :)

Boulder has been home since I can remember – yes, I’ve lived in and out of Boulder for years but when I think of home, it’s Boulder. So I’m super thankful for my home state of Colorado and I sure do love Boulder and being so close to our beautiful Rocky Mountains and when I get sad thinking about missing this place and the family I have here, I have to remind myself that you really do take home with you in your heart no matter where you go. You always have memories and stories and you can always go back if you need to. But home is really those you love. So I take home with me and I take the memories of the smell of the pine trees I love so much, the memories of the beauty of the aspen leaves, and visions of the gorgeous Flatirons… And I take my mom’s hugs with me… It’s not all sad or bad – it’s highly valuing the the things/people you love most and I think when you leave for an extended amount of time, all of those people and memories are what get you through the hard days. They remind you of the good you have in your life and they make you look forward to the days where you are reunited for however long that is.

“To travel is to live.” – Hans Christian Andersen

I don’t know that travel is all there is to really living but I do think it plays a huge part in feeling fully alive. It gets us out of our comfort zones, it makes us understand others we’ve never understood before, and it shows us that we don’t know everything… To travel because God’s asked you to takes traveling to the next level. It becomes more about the people than the actual place with it’s cultures and food. It becomes about knowing and loving people where they are at in their homes, on their streets, and in their day to day lives. It makes traveling even more intimate. My sister and I can’t encourage you enough to go on mission trips. To get out of your country’s bubble and really explore all the nations of the world. It does something to you. Changes you in a way you could never imagine and it most definitely ruins you for doing the same thing over and over in your home country. Start believing God for the finances to get out and get going. Even if it’s just a 2 week trip every other year, I promise you, you will never be the same. Your heart will become so much more full.

Ok, back to packing…


Here’s a fun little diddy from this week with my friend, Jimmy… Have known him since I can remember – have traveled over 10,000 miles with him (from Denver to Russia and back again) loving every minute and appreciating his faithful friendship. I tell you, really treasure the people God blesses you with in your life. Jimmy has had a great impact on mine.

GH4 and Movi M5 (Chicken Coop) from on Vimeo.